Monday, January 19, 2009

So maybe it's time to try this blog thing.

I tend to make decisions impulsively, but not without obsessing over them. I realize those approaches seem, on the surface, to be mutually exclusive, but they're not.  At least not for me. Anyway, I suppose that's why, on a lovely snowy day when I have way too many other things to do, and after thinking about it so much for the last two days that I dreamt of it last night, I find myself entering the world of blogging.   

I'm not completely certain what I'll have to say, and I'm even less sure whether anyone will listen.  The former is likely to be updates on my work, my life, and my obsession with material culture, past and present.  And with regard to the latter, well, I suppose we'll see...


  1. Ahh the journey into the great unknown world of blogging. Scary at first (I know) but soon you will posting at every opportunity. Great start.

  2. Lovely start to your blog! Good luck and have fun!

  3. Have fun with it. I started a week ago myself and I am starting to love it. Great start..A lot better then mine ;)