Monday, March 2, 2009

at last, progress

Despite being even more distracted than usual by anything and everything in my path, I actually have managed to make a a few things lately.  These earrings are my new favorites; so much so that I kept a pair for myself and have been wearing them almost daily.  They're part of a new line that can be made available for wholesale order to retailers. Since I like to use vintage materials, it's always a challenge to find components in quantity.  

Below are a few pics of other new pieces that will soon be added to my etsy shop I'll likely retake some once the snow melts, for some reason, they're really grainy.  I've also been reshooting older work, relisting, and trying create a more cohesive look in the shop. There's still work to be done, but check it out and tell me what you think so far.


  1. That owl pendant is quite unique! (even though everyyyyyone on Etsy loves owls!) Very lovely work!

  2. Ah. Glad to hear you're back into the swing of things...wish I could say the same!

    Your new pieces are delish!

  3. I am really, REALLY excited about that last one. After you posted the photos of it on Flickr, I went straight to your store to check it out. Gorgeous!