Monday, March 2, 2009

read, write, study, repeat

It's midterm time. Figured I'd post the topic of the paper I'm currently writing (or would be writing if I wasn't so busy with self-indulgent blog posts... I swear, I'm just taking a break). This stunning French late-19th Century glass vase was designed by Eugene Rousseau and manufactured by Appert Freres. It's currently in the collection of the Walters Art Museum.

Oh, and I should also be continuing to study be these, among others, for my 17th and 18th Century Costume midterm Thursday:

It's going to be a long week...


  1. Oh man, do I ever hear you. I've been holed up in the stacks of my alma mater's library since 9 this morning, waist-deep in the Aesthetic movement. I am no heartily sick of Whistler I could scream. But you're about a million times more organized than I am, so I'm sure it'll all turn out wonderfully! See you this afternoon for impossible-to-follow German theory!

  2. Er, SO sick of Whistler. Yeah, I was up late reading Edith Wharton...

  3. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  4. I'm sure you don't agree right now, but I think a costume class would be fun! Good luck with midterms.

  5. I like it when you study. We get to look at the eye candy photos. Continue.