Friday, March 6, 2009

finding your voice

So my friend and studio-mate, Alice, is participating in an online workshop for glass bead makers called "Finding Your Voice."  For this week's assignment, they were asked to have a friend make five "simple but not basic" shapes, from which they would then choose two to conjoin and render in one color of glass.  Alice asked me to partner with her on this, and it was really fun!   

I opted to use terra cotta, rather than Sculpey for two reasons, first: I happened to have some under my desk (really, you never know what you'll find in here) and neither Alice nor I could find our Sculpey, and second: I actually really miss working with clay.  Those who know me well are probably groaning at this point, recalling my lengthy tirades last year about my frustration with wheel-throwing ("all it does is make a circle"), but remember, I really liked the sculptural possibilities of hand-building.  So, anyway, here they are my quick shapes (and yes, ever the over-achiever, I made six):

And here are the two she chose, stuck together: 

Alice's version is in the kiln, which I'm resisting the urge to open.  Pics to come soon...

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