Monday, February 9, 2009

studios aren't just for art

Shimpy appetizers: pate and soup

So I had a little studio distraction and an excuse to really clean, thanks to some friends who cooked their way through a mini Iron Chef-inspired meal at our place last night.   The cooks, Ami and Jeanne, often use Facebook to post what they're cooking for the day, which has apparently inspired some kitchen rivalry. So, they got the idea to do their own Iron Chef via Facebook, and sent a note out asking friends to vote for the protein of their choice: pork, beef, sausage, chicken, or shrimp.  

The initial plan was to tally the votes the day before the meal, plan a menu and purchase ingredients in one day, and then cook for each other's families the next night to see whose meal was most popular. My husband, who has a little Facebook-related cooking obsession of his own, instantly upped the ante and suggested they cook for a crowd at our studio (one of the many perks of having an old church is an awesome industrial kitchen). Amazingly, they agreed!  

So, we found ourselves and 30 guests, many of whom I'd never met, enjoying a delicious menu of shrimp dishes (happily though, the secret ingredient did not have to be included in the desserts; I was terrified there might be shrimp ice cream). Kids and adults alike seemed to enjoy the space, and it was so nice to see what is often pretty solitary workplace become so warm and lively. 

The food was so good it was hard to choose, and apparently I wasn't the only one who felt that way... the cooks tied!  (And tsk-tsk to those who didn't vote - you know who you are!)  We're already plotting the rematch... 

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