Sunday, February 8, 2009

smoke and mirrors

Looks like a little slice of studio heaven doesn't it?   I've been cleaning and organizing...trying to get everything into a more workable state.   Don't be fooled though, here's what it looks like if you step back a bit:

I think it may actually be possible to have too much space to work in.  See?

And the chair isn't even mine.  It will be headed to it's rightful owners (my parents) this week.  Still, this must be progress.  Right?


  1. I find a little bit of progress makes the rest easier.

    Love the dental (?) cabinet and chalkboard.

  2. Thanks! The dental cabinet was a steal at a local auction (I've been stalking them for years, but they were always out of my reach). We spotted the chalkboard in the back of someone's truck at our local dump. They were nice enough to drive it to our house a few miles away!