Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so very blue

No, I'm not feeling sad; I just wanted to share this stunning glass bead, made by my friend Alice St. Germain-Gray (who does not yet have an etsy shop and really should... nudge, nudge).  I think she has the best sense of color of just about anyone I know.  One source of inspiration for her here was the vibrant blue and red combinations she saw while traveling in London.  The way the green enamel came through was apparently a happy accident.  Very happy indeed!

I love this bead so much that I want to paint everything I own to match it!  And something about it has inspired in me a desire to gold leaf the ceiling in my very red studio bathroom.  Here are a few more pics in case, like me, you just can't get enough...


  1. I keep looking at this bead and seeing the ocean. It reminds me of the famous photograph of Earth taken from space. Not round, obviously, but all that beautiful blue....